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Steep food discounts in Beijing promotional event
A season of gourmet food promotions will run until the end of this year in Beijing begining Oct 16.
Beijing to provide extra services in public toilets
Beijing will provide extra services in 14,000 public toilets by providing Wi-Fi connections, automatic teller machines and charging facilities for electric vehicles.
Fashion trend of sprouts on heads hit Beijing
Anyone who's strolled around tourist areas in Beijing recently may have noticed a unique fashion trend, with people wearing plastic plants on their heads.
标题图片Post-80s nurse donates large amounts of rare blood
A post-80s girl, Hao Qiuchen, has always been getting ready for the call of blood bank.
标题图片Beijing climbs up global livable city rankings
Beijing is one of 10 cities that have improved mostly in the livable degree.
Chorus lifts the spirit of patriotismChorus lifts the spirit of patriotism
To pay tribute to the heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives 70 years ago for China's rise, dozens of retirees have formed a chorus in Beijing's Zizhuyuan Park for the last two years.
标题图片Beijing Style: Street fashion in Sanlitun
Sanlitun, located in Beijing’s eastern Chaoyang District, is a fashion center for shopping, food and arts. Hundreds of young fashionable men and women go there every day, sporting stylish clothes and hairstyles to stand out and display their own fashion sense rather than blend in with the crowd.
标题图片Yang Bo: 27 years of devotion to non-profit education
It was 27 years ago that Yang Bo donated 7,000 yuan to help teenage drop-outs in old liberated areas when he was a young student in Beijing.
标题图片JD CEO ties the knot with 'Milk Tea Baby'
Richard Liu, CEO and founder of China's e-commerce giant, has recently tied the knot with Zhang Zetian, who became an online celebrity in 2009.
Who's behind crime tips in east Beijing?Who's behind crime tips in east Beijing?
There is a group of people in Beijing that seems to know everything about everybody, reporting all sorts of leads to the police to help them solve crimes. They are codenamed the "BJCYQZ" by Chinese netizens.
标题图片Chinese 'icebreaker' enters NHL
Song Andong's entry into the NHL is a natural result of the sport's budding popularity in Beijing, and it will also continue to fuel young players' enthusiasm for the sport.
Greater Beijing area to have world-class cluster of national parks by 2020
A world-class cluster of national parks encircling Beijing, constituting an ecological system of national parks and forest wetlands will be built in Beijing, Tianjin and North China's Hebei province by 2020.
标题图片Li Qi, a forward thinking SOE manager
Li Qi, born in June 1961, is now the board chairman and general manager of Beijing Yiqing Food Group Co., Ltd.
标题图片Wang Zuoyuan: an impartial educator
Wang Zuoyuan, born in 1940, is a retired Tsinghua University professor.
标题图片Bai Yunlong: an American dedicated to Chinese public services
Bai Yunlong, American, born in 1967, is now living in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
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