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标题图片Shi Xiaohui: a compassionate deaf-mute painter
Deaf-mute painter Shi Xiaohui has made helping the disabled and those in need the foundation of her work and life.
标题图片Zheng Danna: a mother-like teacher
标题图片Jiang Lijuan: helping people see again
Jiang Lijuan, an internationally-recognized ophthalmologist and surgeon, has dedicated her life to saving the sight of China's poor.
标题图片Wang Tao: creating more courteous cities
Wang Tao, founder of Green Woodpecker, calls for people to care for their community the way that woodpeckers care for the forests.
标题图片Han Bing: a 'Panda blood' donator
Han Bing, a taxi driver in Beijing, has rescued a girl with his "panda blood," a rare blood type, nine times since November 2013.
'Beijing Role Model' September shortlist released
The September shortlist of 10 citizens selected as candidates for the 2014 "Beijing Role Model" awards was released on September 30.
标题图片Zheng Peng: airport security guard-turned rescuer
Born in 1987, Zheng Peng is an ordinary member of the airport security staff at Beijing Capital International Airport.
标题图片Chen Hong: a model bus stop attendant
Chen Hong works as a bus stop attendant on Fengtai Street. She treats passengers like family members.
标题图片Lin Jiafeng: 18 years of selfless contributions
Lin Jiafeng was an engineer of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. After retiring in 1996, his contributions to the space industry didn't stop.
标题图片Song Xueli: a life-saving locksmith
Song Xueli is a locksmith in the Qingyuan Community of Beijing's Daxing District. What makes him special is that neighbors call him a "life-saving locksmith."
标题图片Tong Lihua: legal assistance to needy people
Born in 1971, Tong Lihua enjoys a reputation for his devotion to his job as a public interest attorney.
标题图片Hu Jun: living and promoting a low-carbon life
Over the past ten years of his retirement, Hu has devoted himself to researching energy conservation and environmental protection.
标题图片Zhang Letai: a policeman in Changping, Beijing
Zhang Letai worked for the Changping Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. His life was short. However, his moving story is long.
标题图片Paternal love without a blood bond
Zhang Pinming, a 54-year-old Hebei native, has raised his two stepsons alone since the death of his wife in 1995.
标题图片Young woman with brain tumor devoted to charities
The torture of a cerebral vascular tumor has not dampened a young woman's enthusiasm for life and love.
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Fast Facts
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