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标题图片Liu Kefeng, an expert in turning waste into wealth
Liu Kefeng was born in 1955. His research group has made great achievements through their discovery of a high efficiency, low cost and easy to operate transforming technology.
标题图片Protecting girls
Sun Xuemei is a journalist from the Beijing Times Group. On June 1, 2013, Sun led nearly 100 female reporters to launch the Protecting Girls Project, a charitable movement aiming to protect children from sex abuse.
标题图片Serve the residents wholeheartedly
Liu Aiying is the director and Party secretary of a local neighborhood committee in Beijing's Chaoyang District. She made great efforts to help solve problems the community faced over the past 10 years.
标题图片Common aspiration
From 2004 to 2014, Liu Hong, chief designer of Yuegong-1, led her team to develop China's first and the world's third bioregenerative life support system.
标题图片Love in return of love
In 1967, Zhou and his wife Bai Shumin had their first daughter, at a time when they were living in the apartment of Wang Zhihua, a childless woman born in 1930. Wang took good care of the baby, as well as the couple's daily needs, and their friendship flourished.
Beijing establishes 200 nursing rooms for working moms
Beijing has completed the construction of 200 nursing rooms at various workplaces across the city as part of its "Mother's Room" project.
'2014 Happy 10k Run' Beijing stop held
More than 3,000 contestants took part in the "2014 Happy 10k Run" Beijing stop at the Beijing Olympic Forest Park on Aug. 30, 2014.
More people choose sea burials
An increasing number of residents are choosing to have their ashes scattered at sea.
标题图片Jia Liqun sets an example for doctors
Jia Liqun, director of the Ultrasound Department at Beijing Children's Hospital, sets a good example for his colleagues.
标题图片A warm-hearted volunteer blood donor
Jia Ligang, who made his first blood donation in June 2003, has donated more than 65,000 milliliters of his blood (blood and blood components) over the past 11 years.
标题图片Han Wenxing, a diligent weather observer
Han Wenxing, is a weather observer at the Yanqing Meteorological Bureau in Beijing. Over the past 22 years, Han has stayed alone at the Foyeding Meteorological Station on the Foyeding Hill located at an altitude of about 1,225 meters above sea level.
标题图片Combating illegal ads
Since 1996, Fan Xuewen has been clearing up the illegal advertisements pasted on the walls of residential buildings and on electric poles at bus stops.
标题图片Huang Di defines love and filial piety
Huang Di, born in 1989, is an employee of the Qianmen Branch of Bank of Beijing.
标题图片Helping children of migrant workers
Zhang Sichen, a post-90s generation girl, donated 300,000 yuan through the China Next Generation Education Foundation (CNGEF) to a primary school in Beijing's Fangshan District on July 25, 2014.
标题图片Beijing listed as most charitable city in China
Beijing has been listed as the most charitable Chinese city in a new ranking by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA).
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