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Longer maternity leave needed
After childbirth most office-going women find it difficult to strike a balance between work and childcare, and seek the help of nannies or their parents or parents-in-law to look after their kids. To help new mothers to overcome this problem, a Beijing lawmaker has suggested that the government extend women's maternity leave to three years.
Villager interprets love
Li Shuying brought Laishun up and looked after his mother, using her generosity to interpret what is love.
Give the chance of life to others
On July 6, 2014, Su jumped into a swill well to save a couple who had fallen into it. The couple was saved, but Su collapsed due to exposure to high level of methane gas.
Newsstands collection service well received
The digital functions of 11 smart newsstands have been going viral among young people in the past five months since their trial operation in Beijing as of March 19, 2014.
Charity volunteers serve communities
Beijing has about one million charity volunteers to date, serving more than 800 residential communities in the city's 16 counties and districts.
Young rider learns life lessons from horses
Originally, Tian Yu's parents wanted her to become a ballerina and she started ballet lessons at the age of three, but a family trip to a horse ranch changed her life path and led to her becoming a professional rider.
Realtors start database of 'unlucky abodes'
A Beijing real estate agency has set up a database of "unlucky abodes" where irregular deaths have happened to avoid possible disputes with their clients
It's whole new shoppers' world
Beijing’s expat community is now served by stores that provide familiar food.
100 low-carbon communities to be built
Beijing will build 100 low-carbon communities in its 16 districts and counties over the next three years, amid the city's efforts of controlling greenhouse gas emission.
Cloud initiative helps promote health service
The Beijing municipal government has joined forces with Baidu Inc to take health management to the next level by launching Jiankangyun, a health cloud that uses big data technology to offer pre-diagnosis assessments for users.
Special: Seeking role models in Beijing
A large-scale campaign of seeking role models in the capital city was launched on April 25, 2014, aiming to honor citizens with good virtues. An awards ceremony will be held in December to honor the ten winners.
Gao Qingxian: A donator's legacy
This Beijing senior's life did not consist of one world-shaking feat.
Liao Lichun's green desert dream
Liao Lichun, born in 1965, is a volunteer devoted to planting trees in China's deserts. His dream is to safeguard Beijing's blue sky, as well as the people's good virtues.
Beijing sports in a day
What sports do Beijingers do in a day? Some Tsinghua journalism students will tell you through the lens.
Jin Bohong, 'Lei Feng in wheelchair'
Jin Bohong, a 67-year-old paraplegia patient living in Beijing, has been dubbed "Lei Feng in a wheelchair" for what he has done for disabled children.
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