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Dedication keeps Beijing's safest metro operator moving
Liao Ming, a subway operator with the Beijing Subway Company, set a record for driving 900,000 km with no accidents in his 30 years on the job, becoming the safest driver on the urban transport circuit in the country.
1,000 mommy rooms
According to the Female Workers Committee of the Beijing Federation of Labor Unions, Beijing will build 1,000 "mommy rooms" in the next three years; more than 260 companies have applied to build the nursing rooms.
Master sells rice noodle at Beijing financial center
A law master gave up an attractive job offer and opened a beef flavor rice noodle restaurant at one of Beijing's most flourishing centers for business and finance.
Beijing holds volunteer tree planting day
Many Beijing citizens and servicemen participated in the volunteer tree planting campaign on April 5 to make the capital city greener and more beautiful, as the city held its 30th voluntary tree planting day.
Beijing boosts bereaved parents
More than 8,000 bereaved parents in Beijing have joined a free insurance program to help relieve the financial burden as they grow older and become susceptible to illness and accidents.
Fun of 'Running in Suits' activity 
Beijingers to plant 3 million trees in 2014
Beijing plans to plant three million trees through a voluntary tree-planting campaign this year.
More people choosing to have ashes scattered at sea
An increasing number of residents in Beijing are choosing to have their ashes scattered at sea.
A 27-year-old nursing home director
Yan Shuai, a 27-year-old man, has been operating a nursing home for 160 senior citizens from poor families in Beijing's Fangshan District over the past seven years.
Good weather brings rush of cemetery visitors
Despite the warm sunshine and blossoming flowers, Guan Ping wasn't really in the mood to enjoy a spring outing on Sunday because her schedule was packed with the annual family tomb-sweeping activities.
Life against the odds
Even though she is confined to a wheelchair, Li Yuchuan has discovered a new world through painting and love.
An 88-year-old volunteer in Beijing
Chen Jintao is an 88-year-old woman in Haidian District, Beijing. Chen is active in a lot of volunteer activities for the residential community she lives in.
A security guard's dream in Beijing
Zhu Liangyu, the most famous Chinese security guard to hold a master's degree, wants to take up the job for life.
Merkel blesses Chinese couple married at South Pole
A young Chinese couple who held their wedding ceremony at the South Pole on Tuesday has received best wishes from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Foreign TV shows make big impact on small screen
Wang Dong is so infatuated by My Love from the Star, a smash hit TV drama from South Korea, that the 24-year-old finds waiting a week for two new episodes torture.
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