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Expat photographers earn 'Beijing Spirit' awards
On the evening of Dec. 11, the awards ceremony for the "Beijing Spirit in the Eyes of Foreign Friends" took place.
A New Yorker in Beijing
Newton-Tanzer, a Columbia University graduate, is now the board manager of the Compass International Education Group (CIEG), which is in the business of helping Chinese students prepare to study abroad.
65-year-old Elton John rocks Beijing
On Sunday night, Beijing welcomed a big shot from the world of pop music. Sir Elton John performed at the Mastercard Centre with his all-star band.
Food brought people together: Indians living in Beijing
During the Second "India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue" on Monday, the two countries have called for intensified bilateral cooperation.
Foreign filmmaker gets a first foot in China
More aspiring filmmakers are flocking to China to study at the Beijing Film Academy and to be involved in the country's booming film industry.
T-shirt shop finds profit hiring older workers
Knowing the importance of having reliable workers and building rapport with the local community for his business in China, Dominic Johnson-Hill, an icon of Beijing's streetwear culture, made a surprising choice by hiring Chinese retirees.
Pakistan Ambassador on life and work in Beijing
In a exclusive interview, Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan looks back on life and work in Beijing.
President daughter makes debut at Beijing Design Week
Designer Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov, makes a debut at China Fashion Week in Beijing.
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18th Beijing Art Expo

2022 Winter Olympics

Intercampus debate on BRICS development open to apply

Half-naked runners join 'Undie Run'

Candidates sit for 2nd exam at Beijing Film Academy

Glutinous rice balls for Lantern Festival

50,000 bikes put into use for low carbon traffic

Mark Obama Ndesandjo's dream (II)

Mark Obama Ndesandjo's dream (I)

My China: Alex Simms and his War horse play

Wedding ceremony in Beijing
Beijing at a Glance


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How to purchase or rent a home and office in Beijing?
The Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions provides free consult service on office or residence housing, including recommending to foreign institutions suitable candidate houses when necessary.
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