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Nature Reserves

Lingshan Mountain

Crowned as the highest mountain in outskirts of Beijing, the top of the mountain is covered with snow all year round.

Songshan Forest Park

Songshan Mountain is the second highest peak around Beijing. Songshan Forest Park offers various sites and activities for urban visitors.

Miaofeng Mountain and Wild Rose Vally

Miaofeng Mountain is the major peak in the northern range of the Western Hills. Wild Rose Valley lies in the gully to the east of Miaofeng Mountain.

The Cypresses of Cuiwei Mountain

Cuiwei Mountain  is a tranquil, secluded spot of great natural beauty famous for its compact arrangement of temple buildings and many fine trees.

Dragon Rejoice Ravine (Longqingxia)

Some say the scenery can be compared to Lijiang in Guilin and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

Tangshan Hot Springs

The Tangshan Hot Springs are situated about 30 kilometers north of Beijing proper on the road leading to the eastern range of the Western Hills.

Black Dragon Pond (Heilongtan)

Black Dragon Pond is listed a cultural site under the state protectionis, which becomes a new popular summer resort located in Miyun County.

Dragon's Gate Ravine (Longmenxia)

Dragon's Gate Ravine is the site of two gorges through which run tributaries of the Qingshui River.

White Dragon Pond (Bailongtan)

White Dragon Pond is the only old scenic spot on the eastern outskirts of Beijing.

Shangfang Mountain

The Shangfang Mountain has 9 caves, 12 peaks, and 72 temples and nunneries. In 1992, it was made a national forest park and became a holiday resort.

Baihuashan Park

Boasting the third highest peak outside of Beijing, Baihuashan Mountain is a nice cool retreat with winding creeks and dense vegetation.

Glacial Vestiges

This important geological landmark was listed alongside the “Eight Great Sites of Yanjing” by Li Xianyue, head of the Beijing Museum of Natural History.

Shihua (Stone Flower) Cave

The Stone Flower Cave is one of the biggest caves in China, and contains a superb collection of beautiful sights.

Shidu (Ten Crossing)

Shidu is the largest scenic area featuring limestone, peak, and river valley in North China. The place was named after ten ferries along the Juma River.
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