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Beijing Specialties


If you're in the neighbourhood of the Mutianyu Gret Wall and you feel like feeding up on a noodle or a dumpling, you could do worse than visit this country establishment.

Shisheng Xuan Jiaoziguan

Unpretentious, with a range of traditional dumpling offerings – Jiaoziguan (dumpling restaurant) does what it says on the sign.

Yao's Fried Pork Liver

A traditional Beijing restaurant specializing in stir-fried pork liver.

Wenyu Nailao

An authentic Beijing restaurant for an authentic Beijing clientele. Chefs from the imperial kitchens were the ancestors of the owners of this establishment.

Shaguo Ju

The restaurant claims an ancestry of over 300 years, and provides a range of traditional shaguo casserole dishes.

Noodle Bar

Watch the experts produce their noodles by hand in the traditional manner, while th restaurant itself offers a more contemporary atmosphere.

Quan Ju De

Probably the best-known of all the Peking Duck restaurants.

Bian Yi Fang

Another old favourite, Bian Yi Fang was established in 1855. Around 150 RMB for a duck, prepared according to the restaurant's own secret proprietary recipe.

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant is named after its head chef and owner Dong Zhengxiang.

Made in China

Grand Hyatt provides the venue for this highly-rated restaurant, providing a range of Dongbei cuisine and a top-quality duck with a price tag to match (just over 200 RMB for a whole duck).

Xiao Wang Fu

A group of restaurants all offering a range from homely dishes at 20 RMB to the Peking duck at up to 200 RMB. Popular with locals and expats alike, with an interesting line in décor. Food and service are reliable throughout the group.

King Roast Duck

Another very popular place where it's wise to reserve, with the full range of duck-based dishes. Try whatever you like – you won't be disappointed.

Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant

If you find yourself out in Qianmen, take the opportunity to enjoy a Peking Duck (c. 150 RMB) in this highly-rated Hutong style restaurant. Busy, so worth reserving in advance to avoid a wait.

Li Kang

Out by the Workers' Stadium, Li Kang is on most Beijing 'highly recommended'lists. At the top end of the price range, but still a bargain by the standards of most tourist visitors.
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