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Beijing Specialties

Tianwaitian Roast Duck Restaurant

Dongzhimen 东直门 area
Dongzhimenwai, Hujiayuan Xiaoqu, Dongcheng District 东城区东直门外胡家园小区内

Yuehai Roast Duck Restaurant

A traditional restaurant serving a good duck at a reasonable price. Other Beijing standards and classics are also available.

Claire's Roast Duck

At the cheap and cheerful end of the market, your Peking Duck won't set you back more than 70 RMB at Claire's. Don't be put off by the décor – food and service are good.

Duck de Chine

A veritable duck factory (it used to be a real one), Duck de Chine proves the old Chinese adage of 'never throw anything away'. Dine on duck from the beak to the tip of the toes.
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