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Regional Cuisine

Kong Yiji

The Kong Yiji's specialities are zuixia (drunken shrimp), served alive in a bowl of wine, and dongporou, a fatty port dish as tasty as it is unhealthy.

Qu Na'r

Designed by contrary art superstar Ai Weiwei who worked on the Bird's Nest stadium but later refused to be photographed next to it Qu Na'r (Where are you going?) serves up home-style cooking in a minimalist space.

Crab Apple House

The Crab Apple House takes its name from a 100-year-old tree that stands in the center of a beautiful Ming courtyard housing nine private dining rooms.

In & Out

In and Out aims to reproduce the atmosphere of China's most colorful and varied province by decking out its waiting staff in traditional costumes.

South Silk Road

South Silk Road was opened by a renowned Beijing artist, Fang Lijun, and it shows. Its minimalist loft-style space and super-hip clientele might make it too cool for some tastes.

Middle 8th Restaurant

A comfortable and convivial space, Middle 8 serves good food with the usual Yunnan staples such as purple rice and various types of noodles.

Xinjiang Fanzhuang

Xinjiang Fanzghuang flies fresh mutton in from Urumqi every day. This is the most authentic desert eating you are likely to find.

Grape Restaurant

Some people come here for the excellent mutton kebabs and noodles, others come to watch the belly dancers.


Get up on the table and join in the dancing in this raucous, sometimes rowdy venue. Not a place for a quiet meal for two but great fun with a large group.

Makye Ame

Wooden beams, Tibetan décor, and comfortable sofas make Makye Ame a pleasant place to while away a couple of hours.


The basic paradox of a Tibetan restaurant is that Tibetan food is, to put it kindly, simple and unpretentious.


Ganglamedo is the Beijing branch of a Lhasa restaurant so its claims to authenticity are at least plausible. Beautiful religious art and artful lighting attempt to create a highland atmosphere in our desert lowlands.

Home Sweet Home

"Three-cup chicken" cooked in a clay pot with chili and basil and fragrant Taiwanese sausages, give you a hint of the vivid flavors you can sample at this unpretentious and inexpensive eatery.

Golden Spoons Taiwanese Food

Chairs covered with purple velvet sum up the décor of the Golden Spoons. Plush does not do it justice. But don’t let the carved screens and crystal chandeliers put you off.
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