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Regional Cuisine

Utopia Restaurant

Recently refurbished eatery features Shandong and Cantonese cuisines.

Tong He Ju

A restaurant with a history dating back to imperial times, Tong He serves traditional Shandong cuisine. Shandong province is on the sea so seafood is big here, and salty flavors predominate.


The Intercontinental's Cantonese restaurant dishes up reliable renditions of spring rolls, turnip cakes and barbequed pork buns in a rarefied atmosphere.

The Deluxe Restaurant

A very tasty Cantonese restaurant, housed in the Gongti Comfort Inn Hotel. Service is good, and the egg tarts are highly recommended.

Shang Palace

With a garden view, it's a great option for Sunday brunch, Cantonese style.

Noble Court

Hong Kong chefs serve up Cantonese haute cuisine in the classy confines of one grand restaurant worthy of the name "noble."

Lijing Xuan

Enter this golden palace at any hour, night or day, and there will be a crowd feasting on fresh and steaming baskets of dim sum. They are famous for porridge, but many Westerners find it to be an acquired taste.

Jin Ding Xuan

Cantonese chain that is specializes in fresh and steaming baskets of dim sum.

An Die An Niang

Right by Chaoyang Park West Gate Shangdong restaurant An Die An Niang specializes in rice porridge (zhou) and also has very nice giant steamed buns.

Yue Lu

Yet another offering from restaurateur and "cynical realist" artist Fang Lijun, Yue Lu serves Hunan-style cuisine.

Zesty Chalet

Hunan flavors with a modern twist. Fresh ingredients and cool décor add a zing to the zest.

Xiang Bin Jiudian

Good food and good service at affordable prices keep the regulars coming back to Xiang Bin for their fix of Hunan fire.


Tastefully themed in lavender and aromatic dark wood, this three-story restaurant focuses on light and mildly sweet Yangzhou cuisine.

Xihe Yaju

Foreigners and Chinese alike flock to this upscale restaurant set in a traditional courtyard that borders Ritan Park.
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