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Regional Cuisine

Pu Yue Ren Jia

Makes ordinary dishes extraordinary. Try the stir-fried green beans and noodles.

Wuyishan Nongjiacai

Maliandao Tea Street (马连道茶城一条街) is home to several Fujianese eateries and Mrs Jiang's Wuyishan Nongjiacai (武夷山农家菜) is one of the best.

Lao Han Zi

Three cup duck and fish cooked in foil are particularly good here. Nice place for a quiet meal.

Three Guizhou Men

Artsy-fartsy dining establishment with very tasty Guizhou-style favorites. Be sure to try the suantangyu (sour fish soup), xiangban bohe (fragrant peppermint salad).

Miao Minority Restaurant

This restaurant caters to the dinner-and-show type crowd with its nightly Miao minority show. Dishes include oven roasted bullfrog and Guizhou-style dog meat hot pot.

Da Gui

Decked out in minimalist decor, this Guizhou joint specializes in dry pots, sour soup fish, cured meats and glutinous rice dishes. A must try is their stir-fried yuan xiao.

Tongda Ecosystem Park

Housed in a 5,000sqm greenhouse, Tongda offers typical dishes from Jilin in an environment atypical of the province: lush green foliage florishing in moist warm air.

Da Qinghua

Decked out in fancy Manchu-style décor, with a diverse selection of affordable Dongbei dishes, this is where the homesick Dongbei-ers come for their jiaozi fix.

Da Dongbei

Their Dongbei-style homecooking is popular with locals. Dongbei da lapi, cold glass noodles served with a range of vegetables and shredded pork in a peanut sauce, gets special mention.

Huang Ting

Fancy-pants Cantonese cuisine (including dim sum) amidst Ming and Qing dynasty antiques for those using the corporate credit card.

GL Cafe

Hong Kong fare served in a vast cafeteria; cheap, greasy and always open: perfect for 4am feasts.
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