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Muslims & Vegetarians

Vanilla Garden

Vanilla Garden has good tea and coffee as well as high quality vegetarian food. Good service and that wonder of wonders, an English menu. Sit here, sip your coffee slowly and take advantage of the free wireless Internet. There’s a second branch called Lily Vegetarian.

Still Thoughts Vegetarian Restaurant

Why do vegetarians eat mock meat? You’ll be too busy wondering how they make it so convincing to worry about that.

Sea of Mercy

Sea of Mercy is the biggest vegetarian restaurant in Beijing. You’ll find all kinds of mock meat and fish here plus a wide variety of other dishes.

Xinjiang Fanzhuang

Xinjiang Fanzghuang flies fresh mutton in from Urumqi every day. This is the most authentic desert eating you are likely to find.

Grape Restaurant

Some people come here for the excellent mutton kebabs and noodles, others come to watch the belly dancers.


Get up on the table and join in the dancing in this raucous, sometimes rowdy venue. Not a place for a quiet meal for two but great fun with a large group.
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