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Where to Buy

Liulichang Cultural Street

This street offers calligraphy, art, antiques and paintings, including a dozen of time-honored antique stores.

Beijing Zoo Clothing Market

This enormous, shabby-looking market across from the zoo is always packed, especially on the weekends.

Beijing Curio City

A great place for antiques and curios with character, this place is known for selling many original pieces.

Bainaohui Electronics Market

Though subpar to Zhongguancun, Bainaohui has a wide electronics selection and a good reputation.

One World Department Store

This glamorous department store offers a mixture of international and Chinese brands - good quality at steep prices is the general rule.

Lufthansa Shopping Centre

This is possibly Beijing's best-known department store, standing proudly along the east Third Ring Road, next to the Kempinski Hotel.

Landao Department Store

Unlike many other department stores in Beijing, Landao sells mainly Chinese brands and is a fabulous place to get a bargain.

Zhongguancun Zone

The Zhongguancun Zone is in fact a beehive of vast malls, hi-tech businesses and higher learning establishments packed into one area.

Xinjiekou Clothing Street

It is renowned amongst Beijing's fashionable but financially limited women as one of the best places to pick up a bargain.


This is one of Beijing's most popular shopping streets, and a rather unusual mishmash of ultra-modern and downright dingy.


This is the city's best-known shopping area. The street is always busy, mostly with pedestrians, but that's part of its charm.

Tian Ze Lu

Inconspicuous Tian Ze Lu hides some of the most useful, and interesting, shops in Beijing.

Qianmen Dajie (Dashilan)

This has been a shopping strip for more than 500 years, and remains one of the most memorable experiences in the city.

Dongsi Beidajie

Dongsi Beidajie shopping street, along with Wangfujingand Xidan, completes the trio of main shopping areas in the city center.
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